Mutual success through solution-focused partnerships

What sets Dorquip apart?

Over more than 40 years we’ve built our reputation on a collaborative spirit – and a dedication to helping customers clearly define their needs, so we can meet them precisely and quickly.

Our many long-term relationships are based on trust. Customers know we’re the experts, and that we understand their different needs and expectations, and their pressures to get things done without delay or compromise.

Supporting sectors that typically have delicately balanced budgets, tight timelines and complex specifications, we share deep and detailed knowledge and experience, apply our dedication to service, and commit as partners to smooth-running projects and successful outcomes.

Making the unremarkable, remarkable.

Our vision

To be the ‘go-to’ for architectural ironmongery and consultancy services in the UK, regardless of project size or complexity – by investing in relationships, believing deeply in what we do and expertly supporting our clients’ ambitions.

What drives us?

Our core values inform and uphold everything we do to support our customers and strengthen our brand:


We take a hands-on, practical approach to secure the best possible results for our customers. That means continuously seeking new and innovative ways to add value while maintaining a keen focus on the most direct and effective routes to mutual success.


Reputation is everything, and we uphold ours with the utmost professionalism in every aspect of our business – from product design and development, to how we work together to grow our business, to how we do business with others.


Our industry and those we serve, depend on firm mutual trust and reliability, so we’re true to our word in every sense, dependable to a fault, and fully committed to doing good business in the best possible ways.


Knowledge is so much more powerful when shared, so we’re open-handed with our technical know-how, insight and experience wherever it can support success for our customers and partners. The way we see it, we’re in this together.

Who are we?

Dorquip is a team of professionals with genuine enthusiasm not just for what we do, but also for what it means to our customers.

Oliver Tennent

Senior Account Manager

My role is all about turning enquiries into orders and building strong, long-term partnerships with customers. I take great pride in ensuring we provide them with the right product, with pinpoint precision, so it matches their needs perfectly. That means being knowledgeable, dependable and genuinely supportive of their needs.

My finest hour so far was securing a £100k+ order for arguably the biggest name in UK construction, and ensuring they had exactly what they needed, when and where they needed it.

Beyond work, I like to spend time in the great outdoors with friends and family – especially the grandkids – and dabble in DIY.


Ken Young

Financial Director

As co-owner and founder of Dorquip, I look after everything from supplier payments to investments, to payroll, to planning, and securing strategic and sustainable growth for Dorquip – all in line with the company’s core values.

I work closely with complex supply chains and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships based on knowledge, trust and ambition, and the keen eye for the detail that matters so much to our customers. I believe that being human and approachable, and doing the right thing for the people that depend on us, is key to our success.

Outside work, I’m an avid reader and rambler – I’m a bookworm and love walking with my family.


Robert Young

Managing Director

As co-owner, co-founder and MD of Dorquip, I oversee all of our business operations, while also planning and steering our strategy for ongoing growth and success. Meanwhile, I support the team in providing excellence for our customers, who depend on our unrivalled knowledge, attentiveness, accuracy and expertise.

I love a challenge, and I’m always looking to rise to the next one – for this great business and for our fast-growing and diverse range of customers. I pride myself on ensuring Dorquip is always industry-aware, adaptable and collaborative – and unwavering in quality of service.

Beyond Dorquip, my family is everything, and I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and two sons.


Credit where credit’s due...

We’re capable, qualified and experienced – and accredited accordingly by several key industry bodies: